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    Treasure Box

    Warm memories of an evening in Istanbul

    Dear Gülnaz and Ali,

    I visited you with Frances end of last July at your art gallery. You gave us starters and a very fine Turkish wine (to be honest, that was the only really delicious Turkish wine I had during my one week stay!)

    That was a wonderful moment, a real privilege for me to meet people from Istanbul and it was really interesting talking with you. As I said to Ali that night, "a visit like this is worth of thousand visits to the Blue Mosk". I remember you just received a new puppy that night, I hope he is well now.

    I noticed candlesticks in your main room and immediately fell in love with them ; I love simple, sleek design and the silver color - those were simple and perfect. I wanted to buy the candlesticks from Gülnaz but she would not talk about money and offered them immediately to me. I was deeply touched by this gesture and I am very grateful.

    I always put candles when people come at my place and now I put your candlesticks on my table every time. They are my favorite candlesticks, and remind me of you every time. I love that this object has a special story (all the more so as Gülnaz told me you brought it back from the UK). To me, it is a sentimental link to Turkey. I came to your country for short visits since 2007 and only once in Istanbul, yet it is to me a really special country.

    Attached are pictures of the candlesticks at my 45 yo party (and by the way I was at Frances' 65 yo party two weeks ago).

    I follow the news on Turkey that have been really gloomy lately. The results of yesterday's elections frighten me. As the faint light of  a candle, I want to believe there is hope not that far away. My thoughts are with you in these difficult moments.

    Take care,