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    PÜR ISTANBUL is a multipurpose atelier-gallery-conceptstore in the heart of Asmalımescit, a neighborhood in historic Pera-Galata known today for its vitality and vibrancy. Each floor of PÜR is dedicated to a particular function, blending commercial and creative enterprise. The shop floor is home to a unique mix of hand-selected contemporary and vintage items: from ceramics, textiles, furniture, carpets-kilims, ornaments and prints, old books, maps and documents, to fashion and accessories. Everything is either handcrafted or salvaged from across Turkey, some period pieces sourced internationally. The shop also boasts a curated selection of coffee table books in English and Turkish on subjects ranging from art & design, architecture, archaeology, history, politics and beyond. The upper floors of PÜR cater to a range of workshops, so far having hosted successful workshops on product design, textiles and film-making. PÜR ISTANBUL also transforms into a large space for regular art and photography exhibitions.  

    Founded in 2014 by Istanbulite Gülnaz Özatalay Yenidünya (a respected international textile designer and former professor), PÜR ISTANBUL is her personal project and lifelong ambition. Her husband Ali Yenidünya is from a family from Ürgüp-Cappadocia and having worked in shipping industry for four decades now oversees PÜR’s portfolio of residences (PÜR-STAY), and together they encourage all who enter PÜR to feel like welcome guests first and foremost. Their joint ambition is for PÜR to become a space of exchange for creative professionals young and old, local and international - a space where PÜR can collaborate with everybody who has something to say on a wide-range of projects. Inspired by the Anatolian ethics of hospitality and skilled craftsmanship, PÜR ISTANBUL is a home for these two pillars of collaborative creativity in 21st century Istanbul.